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December 2013

Highest Quality

By Customer Reviews

Dear Tom,
I wanted to take a minute to say thanks to you and your company. The repair made to my wheel was of the highest quality. I have had repairs made by other companies, however no one has the “Mobile Technology” of your company. Adam Wright did an excellent job with my wheel. You can be assured I will confidently refer Alloy Wheel Repair Specialists. Thank you again for your service.

Lance Lorensen,
Arrow Truck Sales

Business Administration Partner

By Customer Reviews

Dear Tom,
Without the positive interest and support for organizational representatives such as yourself, the “real world” becomes a remote resource and the application of college course work is yet to be discovered as reality. Thank you, once again, for being a partner with the College of Business Administration at K-State.

Donita Whitney-Bammerlin,
Ph.D. Kansas State